Cuisine Médietaire

Dear guest,
Cuisine Médietaire is a unique mediation concept. I discovered it ‘by accident’ in 2004, when I used it at London’s Heathrow Airport in an attempt to turn around an almost impossible situation between two South African businessmen. The attempt was a success. Within just a few hours the two had settled their differences and signed the contract.

Read more: Heathrow Airport

The concept follows the menu of any Italian restaurant:

The concept is playful and takes place within the inviting atmosphere of a meal, a setting which participants should experience as totally non-threatening. The Antipasti presents a ‘culinary overview’ of the causes of the conflict. Primi and Secundi then present the building-blocks and options for solutions. The Dolci cover all those issues which can only be talked about after a solution to the main-conflict has been agreed.

During the negotiations, a real Italian meal is served (matching the progress in the negotiations) from the kitchen of the Upper Floor. Read more: Cuisine Médietaire.

Your Maître & Chef de Cuisine Médietaire
Adriaan Brouwers