Arrangement Bovenste Verdieping, Oudeschans 20

Dear guest,
The atelier of the ‘Corporate Catalyst’ is a striking canal-side location. This atelier is an inspiring private apartment (with fireplace and roof terrace).

This atelier offers space for all varieties of creative/business/strategic/corporate or negotiating processes (Mandela: ‘You negotiate with your enemies, not your friends’). This location invites you to build bridges with the full support of all modern communication tools: internet, video-conferencing, projector and screen, conference call telephones.

You are therefore invited to make use of the facilities of this unique location. In so doing you can make use of my talents as your host, or combine this with the knowledge and experience I have developed as a Corporate Catalyst.

If you do decide to make use of this invitation, the following will have to be agreed:

Your host
Adriaan Brouwers