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Welcome to the Leverage site. My name is Adriaan Brouwers and I founded Leverage as an independent company in 1995 (following my departure from Shell after 15-year career). The logo is inspired by Archimedes and symbolizes the power of the individual. The quote from Archimedes captures the essence of Leverage as a ‘Corporate Catalyst’.

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The Corporate Catalyst has its roots in work in the slums of Calcutta with the order of Mother Teresa in 1976, in professional training and experience at Shell (1979-1995), and in independent entrepreneurship with South Africa (1996-2009). Read more Curriculum Vitae (pdf).

The Corporate Catalyst concept was developed by Leverage since 1996. Leverage set out to arrange joint ventures between South African and Dutch, European, or other international companies. Over the years, as it combined this mission with interim assignments in Europe, Leverage developed an independent and unconventional professional style as a Corporate Catalyst. It’s a style that has displayed a proven capacity to achieve solutions in situations where opposite forces are at work and conflicting interests have to be balanced.

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Economic Base Camps

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South-Africa 1985-1994 (pdf)
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