Concrete resultaten

Grens Privaat Publiek

Province Zuid Holland: development of the Zuid-Plas polder - 2007

The Province of South Holland was overambitious in leading the development of the Zuid-Plas polder, despite the risk of creating uncontrollable exposures. At the request of the head of the Finance Department, Leverage produced - in one weekend - a specific written proposal to balance progress with risk-control. After the proposal was adopted Leverage was asked to assist the province of Soouth Holland with a 'Gemeenschappelijke Regeling' (Common Ruling) so it could develop the Zuid-Plas polder in conjunction with five local authorities.

Province Zuid Holland: managing the integral special development projects - 2006

Leverage was secretary to a working group set up to develop a strategic budget policy in response to the highly uncertain financial obligations of the major integral development projects. As a result, Leverage became the leader of the project to identify the dynamics, priorities and ambitions of entering into major integral development projects by the Province of Zuid Holland. This project made clear recommendation for a structured iterative proceess of engaging with such projects, but only assumed obligations after a structured risk allocation exercise.

Sluiskil tunnel: tendering process on basis of European Competitive Dialogue - 2009

Financial Conscience to the Project Director in preparing the competitive dialogue for the tendering of the design, construction and 2-year maintenance contract for a tunnel under the canal from Gent to Terneuzen.