I: From Central Station Amsterdam (10 minutes walking distance)

  1. Cross the space in front of the station in a south-easterly direction, towards the start of the Zeedijk.
  2. Follow the Zeedijk to the first crossing; turn left into the Stormsteeg.
  3. Go straight; cross the Gelderse Kade into the Binnenbantammerstraat.
  4. When you approach a bridge, follow the road to the right onto the Oude Waal.
  5. In the distance (500/600 meters), you will see de Montelbaanstoren.
  6. At the Montelbaanstoren, take a right turn on to the Oudeschans.
  7. Oudeschans 20 is 100 meters on your right.

II: From the underground station Nieuwmarkt (5 minutes walking distance)

  1. Take the exit ‘Koningsstraat’.
  2. At the exit, turn right into the Koningsstraat.
  3. Cross the bridge and turn immediately left on to the Krom Boomsloot.
  4. Cross again a bridge and turn immediately right on to the Recht Boomsloot.
  5. Follow the Recht Boomsloot, which ends at the Oudeschans; Oudeschans 20 is 5 meters on your left.

III: By car

  1. From the Amersfoort area, follow directions to The Hague.
    From The Hague area, follow directions to Amersfoort.
    From the Utrecht area, follow directions to Zaandam.
    From the Zaandam area, follow directions to Utrecht/The Hague.
  2. Take at the A10 (circular road) until you reach the off ramp s112 (Duivendrecht, Diemen Zuid, Amsterdam Zuidoost).
  3. At the end of the off ramp, turn left towards Centrum.
  4. At the first roundabout take a right, towards Centrum.
  5. Follow this road (and go straight at all the traffic lights) until, at the very end, you reach a T-junction in front of a church (Mozes en Aäron church).
  6. Take a left turn if you want to park your car, but stay on the right side of the road for the parking garage: ‘Stadhuis/Muziektheater’.
  7. When you have parked your car, take the exit Waterlooplein.
  8. At the exit, turn left and cross the Waterlooplein.
  9. On the far side, turn right onto the Zwanenburgwal.
  10. At the bridge, cross the Jodenbreestraat and walk towards the St. Antonie Sluis.
  11. You will see the Oudeschans in front of you. To reach the Oudeschans, walk through the Snoekjesgracht. Oudeschans 20 lies 500 meter on your right.

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